The Phoenix Monument

The Phoenix Monument was erected in 1747. It is a free standing, Portland Stone Corinthian Column, on a tall lettered pedestal. At the peak of the column is a sculpture of a Phoenix, rising from the ashes. In 2018, Sensori Group completed a heritage project for the OPW: to supply and install led, colour changing lighting, to illuminate the whole monument. The works involved the installation of lighting controls, to provide a colour changing lighting system on the different sections of the sculpture.

The works involved many challenges, including:

  • Civils work to install new ducting, power, and control cabling
  • Development of a road traffic management plan on a busy public road through the Phoenix Park
  • Install led lighting control cabling without any damage or interference with the monument, which is a protected structure
  • Install colour changing lighting to the base, column and peak, where the Phoenix is located
  • Installation of user-friendly technology within the control system, for the lighting display to be colourful, functional and flexible

The entire monument was also installed with an energy efficient lighting solution, with a total energy load of 250watt consumption. The National Monument is a landmark at the centre of the Phoenix Park in Dublin, one of largest enclosed public parks in Europe. In the image shown, the lighting was set to green, for St Patrick’s Day celebration week.