University of Limerick

This contract began in 1979. Our approach to this contract incorporates flexibility, resourcefulness, and transparency. Continuity in FM and maintenance services is vital at UL.

The UL campus has a year-round teaching and events schedule. Our services encompass all 45 buildings and 2.7 million sq.m. of built space.  Sensori Group operate a UL-dedicated, 24-7-365 mobile helpline to deal with emergency call outs. Our long-standing, trusted service to UL means that we are often the first point of contact in responding to any unplanned incidents, such as flooding or roof leaks, when we assist in coordinating the appropriate teams to resolve the issues at hand.

Project Delivery Scope of Work

  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance
  • Campus Cleaning and Recycling Collection
  • Lighting Upgrade Works
  • Carpentry Services
  • Electrical Works and Maintenance
  • Heating Services Upgrades
  • Boiler Servicing
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire and Emergency Procedures
  • Car Parking and Access Control
  • Disaster Recovery

Our duties on this contract include assisting the Buildings and Estates Department in their role as PSCS and PSDP. This contract operates with a dedicated on-site team of 35 staff and 29 specialist subcontractors. All works prioritise the safety of staff, students, assets and the university operations, focused on quality and regulatory compliance. Ongoing formal and informal communication is vital.

Our in-depth knowledge enables us to make specific recommendations to improve the performance of individual assets, optimising performance. We constantly monitor the need for upgrade or replacement of plant in line with CIBSE Guide F “Energy Efficiency in Buildings”. We have demonstrated that effective maintenance contributes to energy efficient operations, maximises the warranty and prolongs the useful life of assets and systems. We work in partnership with the UL Energy Manager in sharing metered data to enable better decision making.

Stringent controls are implemented to continually monitor FM services, maintenance and building works. We use trends and indicators relating to non-conformities, monitoring and measuring results, to ensure that quality control processes are delivering their intended outcomes. We report on our quality control systems and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our long-standing, trusted service to UL means that our staff are often the first point of contact in responding to many types of unplanned incidents. The Contract Supervisor, John Lenihan, is a member of the Executive Crisis Management Team.