Our Story

Sensori Group was established by Sisk in 2018 as a specialist service provider in the built environment. Our team now consists of over 500 multi-skilled, directly employed staff, with over 100 clients across all sectors and a turnover of €100 million.

At Sensori, we recongnise and value our employees creativity and ingenuity, their capacity to innovate and their ability to deliver an unrivalled service.

In addition to our core values of integrity, care, and excellence, our safety and quality standards adhere to the most stringent international codes of compliance and best practice.

Our skilled workforce is highly mobile and flexible, and we offer a 24/7/365 specialist service as required by our global clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading specialist service provider across all sectors in the built environment.

To develop and sustain our in-house expertise and multi-skilled resources to enable us to service our global client’s international portfolio of projects.

To operate with full transparency and integrity, recognising our clients’ needs must be prioritised.

To continue to recognise that client retention and satisfaction are key drivers of our growth strategy and form the core principles of service delivery.


Sensori offers intelligent building solutions that can ‘future-proof’ every aspect of the built environment. The results are tangible: each building performs at its optimum level for a greater amount of its life. The life of the building is extended, and the experience of the building’s users is naturally enhanced.

Over €100m TURNOVER
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With a team and knowledge base that have been honed and expanded over many years, Sensori is able to provide world-class service to our international clients.

We prefer to strategise starting from blueprints in order to ensure that each building’s benefits are optimised for long-term performance, but we also apply this mindset and approach to existing structures for the greater good of all.

Let us manage your buildings for life